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Redbox Franchise

Introduction to the Redbox Franchise and Tips on How to Own a RedBox

Many people are enticed to look for ways on how to own a RedBox because of its innovative way of renting DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and even video games through the use of automated retail kiosks. The automated retail kiosk of RedBox is quite recognizable because of its unique design painted in red. RedBox also provided convenience in renting DVDs since the said kiosks are strategically located in areas where human traffic is heavy, such as the following:

  • Grocery stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Fast food chains

Innovation of RedBox in DVD Rentals

Persons who seek ways on how to own a RedBox should look into Coinstar, which had proven itself to be capable of making DVD rentals a profitable endeavor. The success of RedBox is quite evident by simply looking at the increase in the number of kiosks that are scattered all over the country. Not only is the success of RedBox measurable by the number of its kiosks, but likewise by the increase in the number of people using the kiosks to rent and borrow DVDs. Previously, the manner of watching movies is limited to going to few ways, such as going to movie houses, downloading films on the internet, and going to local video shops to borrow DVDs. What RedBox did was to increase the options of people in borrowing DVDs by making the kiosks accessible to more people. In fact, RedBox presently allows individuals to become investors to help expand the business by teaching them how to own a RedBox.

Convenience of the Kiosks

Investors will surely show interest on how to own a RedBox when they see how successful RedBox in its line of business. Redbox combined accessibility, practicality and convenience in the operation of its kiosks. The kiosk is very easy to use because it employs interactive touchscreen devices, which people can utilize to browse titles and borrow DVDs. Customers will only need their credit cards to borrow by performing the simple act of swiping the card. The transaction is almost completed at this point. The borrower is only reminded to return the DVD the following day, otherwise, the cost of the same will be charged against the borrower. Finally, the rental fee is so low and affordable that the business is so appealing to a lot of people.

Profitability of the Business

Many people recognize the profitability of the business of RedBox. In fact, some are even asking how to own a RedBox so that they can also profit from the business. Unfortunately, owning a RedBox is not like purchasing some gadget or device and thereafter running the business. The RedBox kiosk is not actually for sale in this manner, but needs to be licensed and issued to a person through the process of franchising. In simple terms, a person needs permission from Coinstar before the latter can own a RedBox and operate the business.

Introduction to Franchising

Franchising is the best answer for people asking how to own a RedBox. However, a person who wants to get a franchise of RedBox must undergo a process as required by Coinstar. The process starts by sending an application to Coinstar, preferably through email. The application must provide important information, such as, personal circumstance of the applicant, proposed location of the kiosk, description of the location, etc. Notably, a person must first conduct a feasibility study of the proposed location of the kiosk. The feasibility study must include, among others, the traffic of people that passes on the location and the viability of the area to produce profits. The said information will be used by Coinstar to determine whether or not to approve the application for franchise.

Meeting with RedBox Representatives

The email inquiry on how to own a RedBox does not necessarily result to the approval of the application. What the email does is to trigger an act on the part of Coinstar to further explore the possibility of franchising the business of RedBox to the applicant. Hence, an application that provides a promising feasibility study will make Coinstar to send a representative to talk to the applicant. A contract signing follows whenever the representative is satisfied that the applicant can run the business and the business will become profitable.

Rules in Operating the Franchise

A franchise requires that the licensee commits to follow the rules and requirements imposed by Coinstar on how to own a RedBox business. A franchise does not authorize the franchisee to run the business in any manner, moreover, when contrary to the standards of Coinstar. In fact, violations of the contract or the rules imposed by the Coinstar may result to the cancellation of the franchise. In this case, the franchisee must closely coordinate with the Coinstar for updates in the business operations.

Installation of the Kiosks

Another indirect manner on how to own a RedBox is by applying for the installation of a kiosk in the place of business of the applicant. This type of application is ideal for business owners who determine that the human traffic in the business place can sustain a profitable operation of a RedBox kiosk. The set-up requires that the ownership of the kiosk and the operation of the kiosk will remain with the Coinstar. The business owner may profit through the payment of rental fees for the use of the space where the kiosk is placed, or a profit sharing in income from DVD rents. The latter case may be provided in the contract, which needs to be executed between the business owner and the Coinstar.


How to Own a Redbox

How to Own a Redbox

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How to Apply for a Redbox Kiosk

When you think about a movie night, what comes to your mind? Is it a Redbox kiosk in front of your local grocery store, pharmacy, or retail store? Redbox franchise has been everywhere lately. They have been putting Redbox kiosks in front of almost every corner of United States. Redbox franchise has found its era with the closings of Blockbuster franchise and issues with NetFlix.

Have you ever wondered how to own a Redbox kiosk in front of your business space or even as a business? Now you can own your own Redbox kiosk! But first you will have to contact/apply to be a part of Redbox franchise.

You will need following information and contact Redbox franchise at 866-redbox3 (866-733-2693) or if you have any questions, contact them at questions@redbox.com






Zip Code:

Phone Number:

Desired Location Name:

Desired Location Address:

Desired Location City:

Desired Location Zip Code:

Desired Location Average Daily Traffic:

Desired Location Description:

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Three Ways on How to Obtain RedBox Codes

The success of the RedBox is anchored on effective management decisions and marketing strategies, one of which is the use of RedBox codes. The use RedBox codes is a marketing strategy wherein customers of RedBox are given codes which they can use to avail free DVD rentals from any RedBox kiosks. Persons who obtained a code can immediately proceed to the nearest RedBox kiosk to get the free DVD rent. In effect, the RedBox codes entice people, customer or not, to visit a kiosk and experience the service of RedBox.

Where to Get the Codes

Obtaining RedBox codes is easy, which can be in any of the following ways:

  • Through an email or SMS of the code from RedBox
  • Get a code from partner websites of RedBox
  • Get RedBox codes from a friend

An email or SMS of the RedBox codes is made by RedBox and given to subscribers. Codes from partner websites of RedBox are also free but may require registration before the codes are given. Finally, RedBox allows the sharing of the codes with friends and acquaintances. A customer can only use RedBox codes only once, thus, may be better to share the same to others.

Redbox Codes

Redbox Codes

Need to Use the Credit Card

The fact that the use of RedBox codes gives the user free DVD rentals does not mean that the transaction will not require the use of credit cards. Unfortunately, the use of credit cards is still necessary in using the said codes. The use of credit cards is required when using RedBox codes since the free rental pertains only to one night and any subsequent nights the DVD is not returned will be charged the usual rental rate.


Current Redbox Ongoing Promotions

1. Get a FREE one night game rental by texting SCREEN to 727272. You will get the code via TEXT message service. (Standard text rates may apply)
2. Register at Redbox site and receive a FREE code for your next rental.
3. Sign Up for a Redbox FREE rental text code every first Monday of the month by text message (Standard text rates may apply)


Free Redbox Codes

1. Free Redbox Code: DVDONME (Currently Ongoing)
2. Free Redbox Code: BREAKROOM (Currently Ongoing)
3. Free Redbox Code: DVDONUS (Currently Ongoing)
4. Free Redbox Code: RENTONME (Currently Ongoing)
5. Free Redbox Code: WALGREENS (Currently Ongoing) – only at Walgreen’s locations
6. Free Redbox Code: BREAKDOWN (Currently Ongoing) – only at Walgreen’s locations
7. Free Redbox Code: REDBOXHEB (Unknown Expiration Date) – only at HEB
8. Free Redbox Code: DVDATWEG (Unknown Expiration Date) – only at Wegman’s
9. Free Redbox Code: DVDKROG (Unknown Expiration Date) – only at Kroger locations
10. Free Redbox Code: DVDATKROGER (Unknown Expiration Date) – only at Kroger locations
11. Free Redbox Code: DRIVEIN (Unknown Expiration Date) – only at Sonic locations
12. Free Redbox Code: DVDATSONI (Unknown Expiration Date) – only at Sonic locations
13. Free Redbox Code: DVDATWAG (Unknown Expiration Date) – only at Walgreen’s locations

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